Executive Council

St. Thomas is very fortunate to have amazing leaders who engage in ministry with our staff. While each leader has specific areas of responsibility, together the leaders and staff seek to embody the Vision and Mission of St. Thomas and ensure that it is evident in all aspects of what we do. St. Thomas has a two tier leadership model consisting of committees/team that are more 'hands on,' project, or task oriented; and an Executive Council, made up of elected positions and chairs of committees, that exercises more of an oversight and policy development role. The current Core Leadership Team is:

Executive Council
Chair: Linda Miller
Vice-Chair: vacant
Past Chair: Jeff McLean
Treasurer: Greg Hyatt
Secretary: Judy Booth and Hope Cochran
Presbytery Rep: Hugh Johnson

Chair: David Gray

Chair: Wayne Pennington

Chair: Bob Nixon

Chair: vacant

Music Team
Chair: Elaine Taylor-Kerr

Building and Property
Co-Chairs: Elvin Dorscher and David Blackadar

Chair: John Robertson

Ministry and Personnel
Chair: Maureen Dodd

Mission and Outreach
Chair: Hope Cochran

Pastoral Care
Chair: Marjorie Aucoin

Faith Formation
Chair: Elizabeth Morton

Youth Advisory Committee
Chair: Elaine Taylor-Kerr