Primetimers is a friendly, welcoming group that meets socially, usually once a month (except for July and August). All adults are welcome to attend. Currently, there are over sixty Primetimers participants.

Our activities are held either at St. Thomas or offsite:


 1. Coffee and Conversation: Meeting at St. Thomas at 10:00 am, we encourage fellowship, laughter, and the sharing of ideas, memories, and opinions (all in good fun!). On occasion, we may invite someone to address the group on a specific topic, and then have a friendly discussion. Snacks fuel our enthusiasm!
 2. Outings: At times, instead of meeting for coffee, we attend events (such as theatre, musical productions, church dinners, tours, etc.).

 The specific dates and activities are advertised in our church bulletin and newsletter, and in the church Narthex. For further information, please contact the Primetimers Coordinators, Jan and Keith Campbell, through the church office (403-241-0366).