Junior Youth Group

Grades 4 to 6 preteens, whether from St. Thomas, or friends of those who come, join for fun and community once a month on a Friday evening. They meet at the Church between 6:30 and 8:30 pm to play games, burn off some energy, have snacks, and get to know each other.  Junior Youth group will meet the following dates in the 2017/2018 season:

     • September 22
     • October 13 
     • November 24  
     • December 15 
     • January  12 
     • February 9
     • March 9
     • April 6  
     • May 4 
     • June 8

The St. Thomas Office Manager will send out a reminder email before each meeting.  If you are not on the email list but would like to be or you would like further information, please contact the church office at (403)241-0366.

All youth attending are requested to fill out a registration and waiver form the first time they attend each school year.  Further information is available in the parent information letter.

In addition to the Friday evening social events, there will be Sunday morning programming specifically targeted for grades 4 - 6 once or twice a month that will be lead by the Junior Youth Leaders.  Scheduled dates for the fall of 2017 are:

     • September 10
     • October 1  
     • November 19

     • January 21
     • February 11
     • March 11
     • April 8
     • May 13
     • June 17

Volunteer leaders Matthew, Evangeline and Sam look forward to seeing you!