Thank You for Giving to the Ministries of St. Thomas United Church

There are many ways you can support the ministries of St. Thomas United Church.  We believe we are all called to share our blessings through contributions of our time, our talents and our treasures.  However you are able to share, we are incredibly grateful for your contributions.

Today, St. Thomas is a seven-day-a-week church. We are alive with people committed to living our Vision and Mission of supporting the people of St. Thomas live out their full Christian potential with open hands, open hearts and open minds.

If you’ve been touched by our ministry and would like to help us continue our life and work, you can offer donations and gifts in many ways described below.  General donations and gifts will go towards our operating fund which supports the day-to-day life andwork of our community.  If there is a specific ministry or program you’d like this donation to go to just let us know an we’ll make sure it gets there.

Perhaps you’ve viewed a St. Thomas service via Livestream, attended a wedding, baptism, funeral, music event or community activity. If you’ve been touched by our ministry and would like to help us continue our life and work, you can offer donations or gifts in ways described below:

What is the best way for me to give?

If you’ve found yourself at home here at St. Thomas and would like to share your blessings with us on a more sustained and regular basis, we would like to recommend PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance).

Giving Donation Options

PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) is the best way to Give to St. Thomas

  • There are no transaction fees for your donation.
  • You can choose to contribute to the St. Thomas Operating Fund, Building Fund or the United Church of Canada’s Mission & Service Fund.
  • Your gift counts even on the Sundays you aren’t able to attend.

The church is able to plan ahead for our programs and people because we know how much money we’ll be receiving monthly.

How do I sign up for PAR?

Are there other ways for me to Give?  Yes! Please see below for other Giving Donation Options.

Giving Donation Option

Cost to St. Thomas United Church

Personalized Offering Envelopes

Cost of envelopes – ordered annually by St. Thomas

Donate Now Online Button:

  • You can choose to contribute to the St. Thomas Operating Fund, Building Fund or United Church of Canada’s Mission & Service Fund

3.5% of donation??

  • PayPal

1.6% of donation plus $.30 per transaction??

CanadaHelps Receipts: CanadaHelps issues an official charitable tax receipt for every donation made online

CanadaHelps is a registered Canadian charity.  For further information about CanadaHelps see:

Cash or Cheque to our Office Manager –


Interac Email Transfer

Use the Interac feature of your bank’s website to send the money to our Office Manager –

Sender pays bank fee (typically $1.50).??

Gift of Securities

Contact our Office Manager –

Standard stock broker trading fee.

Legacy Bequest

In memory of a loved one or special occasion such as Graduation, Baptism, Confirmation. Contact our Office Manager –


Giving Donation Option

United Church of Canada – Mission & Service Fund –

Cost to the United Church of Canada

3.5% of donation

United Church of Canada – Mission & Service Giving Program

United Church of Canada – Mission and Service Fund – Involved in our Global Community

The Mission and Service Fund is the only fund in which members and friends of the United Church of Canada pool their givings. Through the Mission and Service Fund that we collectively live our creed “to be the Church, to celebrate God’s presence, to live with respect in Creation, to love and serve others, and to seek justice and resist evil.”

The Mission and Service Fund work includes many areas such as ministry support, theological colleges, presbyteries and Conferences, core funding to 170 churches, chaplaincies, overseas personnel, global work, outreach work in Canada, justice and environmental advocacy, ecumenical partnership and overseas partnerships.