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St. Thomas United Church Children’s Choir

Rehearsals: Thursday evenings at St. Thomas United Church from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM for ESC – grade 2 and from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM for grades 3 – 6.

If you are in Kindergarten to Grade 6 and enjoying singing and having fun, come practice with us on Thursday evenings.  We sing in Church about once a month.

You don’t need the ability to read music. You just need a heart that wants to sing, even just a little bit. Don’t forget to bring your smiling faces. If you don’t bring one, we’ll do our best to give you one before you leave!

Events:  Pizza lunch and workshop following the service on Oct 20.  This is a chance for the Youth Choir and Children’s choir to have lunch together and then sing through the music for the annual Children’s and Youth Choir Christmas service.   Contact Erin MacLean-Berko for further details.

The Children’s choir will be singing at services:

  • Sept 29
  • Oct 20
  • Nov 24
  • Dec 8 – annual Children’s and Youth Choir Christmas Service

Registration: To register for the Children’s choir please click this link  and fill out the form.

Children’s Choir Director:

Erin MacLean-Berko