St Thomas United Church is Proud to Host:

Women’s Fitness for All Ages!

St Thomas United Church NW Calgary - AM Fitness group

It’s never too late to get moving and improve your health….….so why not get moving with us!  Whether you have been exercising for a while or are wanting to get into a fitness routine, you are welcome here!  Chairs and walls are friendly supports when needed!

Mondays with Laurie – The focus for this class is strengthening, stretches, targeted weight routines, yoga, aerobics, balance and dancing!

Wednesdays with Barb – This class incorporates a warm-up routine, followed by aerobics, balancing, stretching and core strengthening.  We dance in this class too!

NEW!  Fridays with Sheryl – This fun and relaxing workout will concentrate on Callanetics.  This low impact exercise helps to tone and strengthen the muscles in your body and can be done in any position (standing, sitting, etc.).

The cost is $35.00 per month, or $7.00 per drop-in session.

Please join us for your morning fun and fitness starting on September 9th! 

For more information please contact Pam Bazinet at 403 288 7475 or 403 923 7395.


Primetimers is a friendly, welcoming group that meets socially, usually once a month (except for July and August). All adults are welcome to attend. Currently, there are over sixty Primetimers participants.

Our activities are held either at St. Thomas or offsite:

  • Coffee and Conversation: Meeting at St. Thomas at 10:00 am, we encourage fellowship, laughter, and the sharing of ideas, memories, and opinions (all in good fun!). On occasion, we may invite someone to address the group on a specific topic, and then have a friendly discussion. Snacks fuel our enthusiasm!
  • Outings: At times, instead of meeting for coffee, we attend events (such as theatre, musical productions, church dinners, tours, etc.).

Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly

Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly (AMCIA) is a registered charity in Calgary. Imam Syed Soharwardy is the founder and Head Imam of AMCIA. Most of the members of our congregation are Sunni Muslims. However, followers of other Islamic denominations also attend the prayers. The Head Office of Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly is located at 4616 – 80th Avenue, NE Calgary.

In North West Calgary our congregation is held on Fridays at 1:30 PM at rental facilities of St Thomas United Church. Syed Muhammad Hassaan Ali delivers the sermon and Imam Hafiz Suhail Ahmed leads the prayer. Muslim families including the children of all ages attend the prayer. It’s free for everyone. Donations are accepted.


Contact: Syed Musarrat Hussain at 403-619-0132 OR email:

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