Congregational Meeting – January 23, 2022 @ 11:00 am

A congregational meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 11:00 am via zoom.  The purpose of this meeting is to present and approve the work of the search committee including:
· the community of faith profile for St. Thomas – St. Thomas Church Bylaws – St Thomas United Church NW Calgary
· the proposed new staffing model and associated job descriptions
· an agreement between St. Thomas United Church and Foothills United Church
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The link for the zoom meeting is:
Meeting ID: 833 8583 5285
Passcode: 877528
To assist us with documenting attendees and determining quorum, please send an email to stating your name(s) and if you are a member or adherent.

The Search Team recommends St. Thomas continue with a ministry team:
One full-time Ordered Ministry Person and one full-time Ordered Ministry Person shared 50/50 with Foothills United Church. We recommend a Job Share Agreement be entered into with Foothills United Church for the sharing of a minister. The Search Team recommends the combination of two Ordered Ministry Personnel to form the ministry team of equals.

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Job Share Agreement
January 2022
Between: Foothills United Church and St. Thomas United Church
Foothills United Church requires a half-time Ordered Minister to serve their congregation. St. Thomas United Church has one full-time Ordered Minister and requires an additional half-time Ordered Minister to serve their congregation. The objective of this agreement is to lay out an agreement for sharing a full-time Ordered Minister 50/50 between the two congregations.

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Job Descriptions
Foothills United Church (half-time)
St. Thomas United Church (half-time)
Open Hands. Open Hearts. Open Minds.
Note: The Position Descriptions identify lead and support roles, recognizing that the Ministry Team will work together as a team of equals to support each other in the achievement of their missions.

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