St. Thomas United Church

Updated April 14, 2022

REOPENING TEAM UPDATE as of June 14, 2022

Effective July 3rd, the wearing of masks during worship at St. Thomas will be optional, with the exception of while singing, when it will be required.

As Reverend Tracy would say “stand as you are comfortable and able, put your masks on, and sing loud and proud St. Thomas.”

Thank you on behalf of the Reopening Team

Further clarification:

–            Food and Beverages will be allowed for all again.

–            Facility Renters will be free to mandate any safety measures they think prudent for their members.

–            Drop-In Visitors will be empowered to mask or not if desired.

What to expect when you come to Church.

Stay home if you are ill or feeling at all unwell.

Masks ARE optional except when singing.

Respect other people’s space and comfort levels. Some people will be comfortable without masks and others may still want to wear their masks. Please ask others for permission before touching or hugging.

These best practices will be constantly reviewed and will be subject to change as we head into the fall.



Masks are optional except when singing.


Hand sanitizer is still available at the front doors and throughout the church.


There is no requirement for physical distancing; however, “Social Distancing Signs” are available for congregants to pick up and place to the right and left of themselves to ensure comfortable spacing.


Collection plates will continue to be at the front of the Sanctuary for congregants to deposit their offering either before or after the service.


Prayer slips, pens and basket will be available as you enter the Sanctuary.


Congregants are welcome to sing along with the hymns during the service while masked.


Choirs/Orchestra will be pre-recorded until September, 2022. Beginning September, 2022, Choirs will resume performing in-person on a Sunday morning, masked, and the Orchestra will continue to pre-record.

All groups have their own “Health and Safety Plan” in place.


There are no plans for tracking attendance.

Congregants are asked to stay home if ill.


Coffee time will resume in September, 2022


The Nursery room will be open and available for parents to use. The Nursery room is staffed by volunteers, when they’re available.

We ask that you do not enter the church if:

You are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is still with us and, insofar as possible, we should continue to practice the good habits we have all learned during the pandemic:

Masking: please wear your mask properly when we engage in singing; all other times, wearing a mask is optional and we encourage everyone to be respectful of people’s comfort levels.

Coughing: Cough or sneeze into the elbows area or otherwise ‘cover-up’

Hand Washing: Wash hands frequently and thoroughly with soap or approved disinfectant. Apply hand disinfectant when entering the church.

Face Touching: Avoid touching the face area.

Staying Home: Stay home / do not attend an activity if feeling unwell or have a fever.

Improve Ventilation: Weather permitting, open doors or windows to provide additional outdoor ventilation.