St. Thomas United Church Youth Choir

The St. Thomas Youth Choir is gearing up for the 2022-2023 school year! Whether you are a past choir member, or have never joined us before, this is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a meaningful and educational activity.

As part of the choir, singers can:

  • Be part of a music team
  • Participate in worship services at St. Thomas
  • Nurture vocal ability
  • Develop musical and performance skills
  • Share musical and dramatic talents

Traditionally, the St. Thomas Youth Choir has shared their talents in person:

  • Sung at church services about once a month
  • Shared a musical Christmas drama with the congregation
  • Participated in a Christmas Eve service and at a Twelfth Night celebration
  • Participated in the Calgary Performing Arts music festival
  • Participated in St. Thomas musical productions

Since early 2020, the choir has recorded virtual presentations of various songs that were played during church services. Some examples include:

  • “There is Peace” – a collaboration with past choir members (view here)
  • “Flying Free” (view here)
  • “The Clouds” (view here)
  • “Chariots, Bones, and Wheels” (view here)
  • “When Children Join Hands and Sing” (view here)
  • “We Are One World” – a contemporary song with the STUC Strummers and adult choir
  • “Like a Rock” (view here) – the introit for July 2020
  • “We Are the World” (view here) – a pop collaboration with the St. Thomas Strummers
  • “The Gift of Love” – a traditional song (ongoing)
  • And in 2019 for Festival, “Gaudeamus Hodie” and “Agnus Dei” (view here)

As we progress through the latest  COVID-19 situation, our goal is to provide a quality musical experience and to share musical presentations with the St. Thomas congregation and  Calgary community.

We are planning weekly 90 minute in-person rehearsals on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm.  Masks will be required as we sing in the church.  Hand sanitizer use is highly recommended.  Participants who are ill should stay home.

Our activities will always be subject to evolving guidance from the St. Thomas executive council and municipal, provincial, and federal health agencies.

Thank you for helping us continue with the St. Thomas youth music program in a safe way so that we can contribute to the St. Thomas ministry. We look forward to singing together.

7PM – 8:30PM
New singers welcome! No experience required. This is a musical program for youth in grade 6 to university. We contribute at worship services.

First practice………..…………..……  September 7, 2022
Pizza lunch and choir workshop…Sept 25 or Oct. 2 2022
Christmas musical…………..………. December 11, 2022
Christmas Eve service…….………    December 24, 2022
Calgary Performing Arts Festival……….Possibly in 2023
Joy of Song service….…………….…………Winter,  2023

STUC talent show……………………………..Spring, 2023

Please contact us if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.

Barbara Robertson

Choir Director

Charles Xing


Youth Choir Registration Form