St. Thomas United Church Youth Choir

The St. Thomas Youth Choir is enjoying making music together again this school year! Whether you are a past choir member, or have never joined us before, this is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a meaningful, educational, and fun, activity.

As part of the choir, singers can:

  • Be part of a music team
  • Make new friends
  • Participate in monthly worship services at St. Thomas as well as other performance opportunities
  • Nurture vocal ability
  • Develop musical and performance skills
  • Share musical and dramatic talents

Traditionally, the St. Thomas Youth Choir has shared their talents by:

  • Singing at church services about once a month
  • Sharing a musical Christmas drama with the congregation
  • Participating in a Christmas Eve service and at a Twelfth Night celebration
  • Participating in the Calgary Performing Arts music festival
  • Participating in St. Thomas musical productions

Our goal is to provide a quality musical experience and to share musical presentations with the St. Thomas congregation and Calgary community.

Following is what some current members have to say about the choir:

“I like choir because I get to sing with a really wonderful group of people and It’s a lot of fun. ”

“It’s hard for me to express how much I’ve enjoyed choir with words alone. Going into it, I never could have anticipated that I’d start looking forward to seeing my director and companions so much, and yet I do. There is something truly beautiful about not only creating music but being able to share it with those who enjoy it as much as I do. I feel as though when we sing for the gathering, it is as much for ourselves as the audience. I continue to hope that the bliss I feel when singing can be conveyed to those listening, and I look forward to the joyful days to come of collaborating with the choir for the sake of those who are willing to lend an ear.”

“Opening the doors to choir every week is something I always look forward to. Walking in and seeing the friendly, familiar faces welcome my arrival gives me a sense of comfort and belonging like no other. Being surrounded by individuals who share my passion for music has made my experience nothing but a pleasure. I hope to continue my journey in choir and to bring the same joy it has brought me to others.”

We look forward to singing together!

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

First Fall Practice: September 4, 2024.

New singers welcome! No experience required. This is a musical program for youth in grade 6 to university.

You are welcome to watch past virtual performances that the choir recorded:

  • “One Dream (view here)
  • “Hymn of Freedom” (view here)
  • “A Joyful Israeli Canon” (view here)
  • “There is Peace” –  a collaboration with past choir members (view here)
  • “Flying Free” (view here)
  • “The Clouds” (view here)
  • “Chariots, Bones, and Wheels” (view here)
  • “When Children Join Hands and Sing” (view here)
  • “Like a Rock” (view here) – the introit for July 2020
  • “We Are the World” (view here) – a pop collaboration with the St. Thomas Strummers
  • And in 2019 for Festival, “Gaudeamus Hodie” and “Agnus Dei” (view here)

We contribute at worship services.

December 17, 2023.Christmas musical.

Dates Activity
September 22, 2024. Worship Service
October 20, 2024. Worship Service
November 17, 2024. Worship Service
December 8, 2024. Christmas Musical
December 24, 2024. Christmas Eve Service
Additional dates in 2025 to be determined

Please contact us if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.

Barbara Robertson

Choir Director

Cindy Ma