Pastoral Care Committee

Our purpose is to care for the congregation in a practical way – working with the ministry team, initiating contemporary programs, focussing on caring and compassion. Strong lay leadership is key to success at St. Thomas. We collaborate with our Ministers to make St. Thomas the best we can be, making sure that everyone is cared for well. Everything we do is through our Faith Statement lens of Open Hands, Open Hearts and Open Minds. We believe  in supporting our congregants inside these walls, so they have energy and strength to do the mission of the church outside our walls. It never ceases to amaze us that so many are so willing to lend a helping hand – from making everyone who comes through our doors feel like family to supporting each other in times of crisis. Our programs include the following list.

  • Cards sent on behalf of the congregation
  • Prayer shawls, Baptismal shawls, Prayer Squares and Quilts
  • Visiting program for seniors and all who want a regular church friend
  • Meals, baking, refreshments during times of crisis
  • Conversations/Presentations that matter in our society
  • Funeral receptions
  • Benevolent fund
  • Blue Christmas service each December

It takes a village…..We are here to respond in a practical and caring way to the emotional and spiritual needs of the congregation of St. Thomas.

Never hesitate to be in touch with our Ministry team or Pastoral Care chair.