St. Thomas United Church Strummers

Rehearsals: Tuesday evenings at St. Thomas United Church from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM.

If you like the guitar or other strummed instrument and can pick your way through music or would like to sing along with us, come join us at our regular rehearsals on Tuesday evenings.  We have a practice area where we’re all strung (sorry about that) together.  We provide anthems for Church services about once a month and also provide entertainment at various Seniors’ residences on a regular basis.

Due to Covid-19, we have put safety protocols in place for practices that include wearing masks, distancing and taking regular breaks to allow air exchange.  We will record anthems for worship during practices as it is not possible to properly distance and sing the anthems in person at services.  We will adapt as the Covid-19 situation evolves.

Events: None at this time

Strummers Director:

Ron French