Youth Group

All youth in grades 7 through 12 are welcome as are their friends. Please watch the following short video to see the fun we have together.

Sunday morning youth group is a time to catch up with everyone and engage in thoughtful discussions about spiritual topics, social justice and life in general.  There is youth group each week from the Sunday after Labour Day until late June.  In addition to in person programming, the Sunday morning program is being offered online through zoom from 10:15 am – 11:00 am.

We have a weekly social activity that includes youth from both St. Thomas and Symons Valley United.  Activities range from playing games at the church to off site activities such as mini golf, bowling, Lazer tag, etc.  Some will be indoors and some will be outdoors.  Activities may be at one of the Churches or another venue.  Activities will typically be held Friday evening from 7:00 – 9:00.  There will be the occasional Saturday or Sunday event.  For events held at St. Thomas we start in the upper hall or parking lot, and for events at Symons Valley, we start in the foyer or parking lot.  Variations to event days or times will be communicated in weekly emails.

If you have any questions or would be interested in receiving emails regarding social activities and Sunday discussion topics, check out the youth group registration and information package, talk to Jacqueline or Isaac or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At this time, wearing a mask is optional for both Sunday and Social events with the exception of while singing.  It will be required if singing.

When youth who have not already registered during the current school year arrive at a social event they must bring a completed Registration package that has been signed by a parent or guardian.

Leaders Jacqueline and Isaac look forward to seeing you!

Click here for the Youth Registration Package

Sunday Morning Activities:

In addition to in person programming during the service, the Sunday morning program is being offered online through zoom from 10:15 am – 11:00 am.  Masks are optional except while singing, when it will be required.  The youth leaders will send out an email email at the start of each week that will describe the discussion topic for the week.  If you wish to be added to the email distribution list, please email

Social Events

We are planning in person events this fall recognizing the possibility that we may need to shift back to online events if required due to new health restrictions.  Social events include youth from both St. Thomas and Symons Valley United Churches.  We will include both indoor and outdoor events.  The location will alternate between the two Churches.  Masks will be optional.   The youth leaders will send out an email at the start of each week to let you know what activity will be taking place, time of the event and the location.  If you wish to be included on the weekly email, please email

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